sparks a new trend #DameTuCosita aka #DanceWithAlien

Bhuvan Bam, Divyanka Tripathi, Mallika Dua join the trend at, one of India’s popular entertainment apps brings to India the green alien dance #DameTuCosita. Triggered by Indian musersthe trend #DameTuCosita and #DanceWithAlien, has become a global sensation in a span of one week. This is the first time that a trend set in India has become viral globally owing to the popularity has amongst the Indian and global audiences. 
The virality of the trend is attributed to’s Duet feature which allows musers to create entertaining dance videos by splitting screens for unique and fun content.  Millions of musers use this feature everyday as it gives them an opportunity to be showcased in a single frame with their other muser friends, celebrities and in this case, the green alien.
The addictive soundtrack #DameTuCosita not just gained popularity amongst teenagers but also pushed popular small screen actresses such as Divyanka Tripathi and Aditi Bhatia to join the trend and take up the #DanceWithAlien challenge on duet. The duet videos by these two actresses entertained millions of followers. The total viewership on Divyanka’s Instagram video crossed 4 million.
Actress and comedian, Mallika Dua too followed the trend and entertain her fans with the alien dance. Comedian and YouTube personality Bhuvan Bam is the latest celebrity to jumped on to the trend. His hilarious Duet on #DameTuCosita saw Bhuvan enact one of his most popular characters Titu Mama. His video reached more than 300,000 views on Instagram within an hour of posting it.
Expressing his excitement on the latest trend, DJ Snake reposted Indian muser Unnati Malharkar’s alien dance video on his Instagram handle using hashtags #DanceWithAlien and #DameTuCosita.
You can be a part of the trend too, just download and post a video under the hashtag #DameTuCosita and #DanceWithAlien.
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