Haware Intelligentia brings India’s first automated homes to Mumbai!

Ever wondered when you walk into your home, that the room was pre-cooled to your preferred temperature? Or the lights dimmed without you having to lift a finger? Or you could hail a radio cab without having to actually book it? This is no more the stuff of science fiction movies. At Haware Intelligentia, this is everyday life. On April 18, Mumbai watched in awe at one of India’s top builders, Haware Properties, unveiled India’s first intelligent automated homes that are for the select few who like to live in the future, today!
Haware Intelligentia’s homes are powered by Amazon Echo and Apple Home, which means one can now simply give voice commands to assistants Siri and Alexa to get routine home tasks completed. Draw the curtains, set the AC temperature, book a cab, control home appliances and switch TV channels or switch the lights and fans on or off by simply asking for it. Saving time in doing mundane tasks leaves time for deeper pursuits, especially in children, who can use technology to hone a hobby or chase a passion. Add to that, the luxury of having your home customized to your comfort, all day, every minute.

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