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~~~ Look forward to a glow like never before with Ozone Glo radiance facial range; Launches premium facial range ~~~
New Delhi, 30th March, 2018: Ozone Group of Companies, renowned name in the health and wellness industry, has launched its premium range of luxury facials by the name of Glo Radiance which is suitable for all types of skin. So pamper your skin with the exclusive range of facials making it look beautiful, healthy and radiant with organic active ingredients.
Not only does this premium facial range offer LUMINOSITY to your skin from within but also fights fine lines and wrinkles, boosts collagen and improves elasticity & skin tone. Ozone Glo Radiance comprises of 14 scientifically formulated products catering to Oily to Normal and Normal to Dry skin. The products are ECOCERT certified active ingredients and paraben free range providing safer alternative in skin care.
The Glo Radiance range has radiant offerings that will bestow your face with a breath- taking glow. Along with ethereal glow, promoting skin elasticity & restoring skin’s youthful resilience, the  amazing list of benefits include- exfoliation, reducing fine lines & wrinkles, increases collagen production, reduces hyper pigmentation & age spots and helps creating smoother, softer skin. The facial nourishes hydrates, softens, smoothens and brightens the appearance of the skin to a more youthful, glowing flawless complexion. 
On the occasion, Mr S.C. Sehgal, Chairman & Managing Director, Ozone Group said, “We are very happy to launch this special range of products. Glo Radiance product range is specially created for the need of Indian skin (all skin types) healthy & radiant with the help of ECOCERT active organic ingredients that are Paraben free. Considering how important it is to keep one’s skin healthy, flawless and glowing, Ozone Group works towards the science behind the art of beauty.”
“Glo Radiance is here to change the world of facial therapy. Ozone Organic Advantage has introduced these facial treatments which are designed to rejuvenate the face through a variety of therapies. This range blends new-age science with the organic secrets of nature and uses 100% organic actives that will effectively address many skin issues which gives you GLOW LIKE NEVER BEFORE. ” added Mr Sehgal.
Lumen is a unit of measurement for the brightness of light and usage of this range will certainly give a divine luminosity or radiance that nobody can miss. In Glo Radiance range, the Group has launched variants of Cleansers, skin detoxifiers, skin nourishing and restoration cream, skin renewal nectar, facial oil, skin rejuvenation day & night cream.

Ozone Organics - Glo Radiance portfolio :
  1. Glo Radiance Clear Cleansers- Glo Radiance Clear Cleansers is used to remove make-up, dead skin cells, dirt and other kind of pollutants. This range includes two products- Ozone Hydra Skin Cleanser and Ozone D-tan Cleanser.
  2. Glo Radiance Skin Detoxifiers- Glo Radiance Skin Detoxifiers removes the oldest dead skin cells to give you a flawless skin. This range includes two products- Ozone Skin Purifying Polisher and Ozone Cell Renewal Exfoliant.
  3. Glo Radiance Skin Nourishers- Glo Radiance Skin Nourishers are the food for skin that builds collagen and reducesdryness of skin. This range includes two products- Ozone Skin Activating Nectar and Ozone Radiance Facial Oil.
  4. Glo Radiance Skin Restoration - Glo Radiance Skin Restoration massage cream helps to restore skin’s elasticity and maintains healthy skin tone and texture. This range includes two products- Ozone Complexion Awakening Gel and Ozone Butter Blend Massage Cream.
  5. Glo Radiance Skin Renewal- Glo Radiance Skin Renewal masks improves blood circulation, stimulates skin renewal and reduces wrinkles. This range includes two products- Ozone Whitening Facial Peel-off Masque and Ozone Luminous Facial Peel-off Masque.
  6. Glo Radiance Skin Rejuvenation - Glo Radiance Skin Rejuvenation face packs and masks helps the skin tighten, hydrate, nourish, draw out impurities thus rejuvenates the skin. This range includes one product- Ozone Replenishing Face Pack.
  7. Ozone Radiance Intense Regimen- Ozone Radiance Intense Regimen creams and lotion are the home- care products to keep the healthy and glowing. This range includes three products- Ozone Luminous Skin Protection Lotion, Ozone Renewing Day Cream and Ozone Repairing Night Cream.

Ozone Group has a manufacturing Unit for its unique organic and herbal beauty products in Assam. The internal R&D of the Group takes care of the quality of the products which have been received in the market very well.
About Ozone Group:
The Ozone Group of companies is one of India’s well-established healthcare and consumer products player in the market today. The Group came into existence in the year 1991, with the sole purpose of making ‘Star Class’ products for people from all walks of life. The company believes in unleashing the age old secrets of our rich history & providing beauty solutions to a woman through the science behind traditional herbs & other natural ingredients. The Group also includes – Ozone Pharmaceuticals Ltd. that was incorporated with a keen desire and aspiration to serve humanity through the finest quality medicaments. Ozone group has joined hands with government in a unique PPP with an SPV model to facilitate setting up of the Megafood Park Project near Guwahati (NEMFPL), with a view to enhance infrastructure for food processing for benefit of the farmers and food processing industry of North East Region. They have put up two ultramodern and high-tech manufacturing units in Himachal Pradesh (Baddi) and Assam (Guwahati) using State-of-the-art technology in production, quality control and packaging. The brand created by Ozone Ayurvedics received the "Mera Brand" Award of the year in the anti-marks crème category in 2008 in the 5th annual Consumer World Award (CWA).

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