Zee Action to premiere the unique story of a baseball playing gorilla in Mr. Go on Thursday, 17th May 2018 at 2:15 PM

A bat swinging Gorilla becomes a baseball superstar overnight and helps his 15 year old manager to pay off her debtors by playing for the Korean Baseball team. Directed by Yoo Jin-woo and produced by Kim Yong-hwaMr. Go boasts of a stellar star cast which includes Dong-il Sung, Jiao Xu, Hee-won Kim, Kang-woo Kim and Doosan GM. Zee Action, India’s one-stop destination for action movies will premiere this humorous story of a Gorilla and his master on Thursday, 17th May 2018 at 2.15PM
A 15-year old Wei-Wei, who is a circus ringmaster is left with insurmountable debt after losing her grandfather in the Great Sichuan earthquake. Following his death, a greedy and uncompromising loan shark pressurizes her to sell off the circus kids to cover the debt. Through all the trials and tribulations, Wei-Wei has only one support and confidante – a 45 year old ‘baseball playing gorilla’ named Ling-ling. With a heavy heart, she decides to let the materialistic agent Sung Chung-Su take Ling-ling to participate in the Korean basketball League, where he joins a team named Doosan Bears. But when Ling-ling’s popularity and home runs make him a star and earn him the title Mr. Go, Wei-Wei and Sung Chung become greedy. The duo enjoy the laurels earned by Mr. Go, neglecting his knee injury until he collapses, unable to swing the bat.
Will Wei Wei and Sung Chung realise their folly in time? Or will this mark the end of Mr. Go’s journey?
To know more, watch Mr. Go on Thursday, 17th May 2018 at 2.15PM only on Zee Action

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