South Zone All India Radio Station Heads Video conference at AIR Bangalore

Prasar Bharati CEO Shashi Shekar Vempati made video conference with South Zone All India Radio Station Directors/Station Head on 13.06.2018 at AIR, Bengaluru.  AIR Thiruvananthpuram, AIR Chennai, AIR Hyderabad Station Heads actively participated in the video conference and  discussed about social media and its impact on public, recent  technology development in AIR.  CEO replied how to start social media account and programme uploading in Youtube and its challenges.  He emphasized importance of social media and its utilization in programme activity with valuable guidelines for revenue generation from various resources.
Dr. Rajkumar Upadhyay, ADG SR I&II heartily welcomed  Sri. Shashi Shekar Vempati CEO on behalf of All India Radio & DD and explained Staff strength, programme content, listeners views and then visited Ragam channel in All India Radio campus.  Anilkumar Mangalagi, DDG(E) explained revenue generation and latest technology in available in market and its uses to the public.  A. Hanumanthu, DDG explained FM mode transmitters, Ragam channel transmission and its reach.  S.P. Methre, Director(E) explained latest technology in control room. Present generation are listening to  news broadcast and we are catering the same including news online said T. B.  Nanjundaswamy, Dy. Director(News).
G. K. Raveendrakumar, Station Director explained various type of programme broadcasting in Karnataka AIR stations.  Dr. D. Padmavathy, AD(P), CRD discussed copy right act while uploading programmes on social media and suggested format of contract amended amended accordingly.  Dr. N. Raghu, AD(P) and Udayadri, ADP, CBS Head,  Staff of Primary channel, CBS, Administration Staff, ARU wing,  CRD wing, CCW, News wing were present during his visit. 
Later he visited Doordarshan Kendra and was warmly  welcomed by N. Chandrashekhar, DDG(P) and Madhav Reddy(DDG(E).  Staff Meeting was organized at conference room. Power point presentation was made by Dr. Rajkumar Upadhyaya, ADG and he explained DTT transmission can be used as an efficient and cost effective solution for providing broadcasting specific regions or vast areas.  Anil Kumar Mangalagi, DDG(E) explained turning smart phone into a smart TV by using Dongle, which is a small piece of hardware that connects to another device to provide it with additional functionality. Udaya Shankar, SD, AIR, Hyderabad and  Nirmala  Yaligar, AD(P), DDK, Bengaluru both have  explained about Programme staff promotion and welfare issue, CEO responded positively.  
Contribution: K. Ashok, PEX, CRD, Bengaluru-1 Mob: 9449259218

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