Influencers focusing on creating experience based content / How brands can leverage organic community on social media

In order to provide followers with realistic experience-based content, influencers are finding innovative ways to create path-breaking content and engage with their audience. 
Example: Things2doinMumbai - an experience-centric content destination has changed the way people consume content and created an engaged community of people who are willing to try new things. They create visual stories around experiences and unique things to do in the city with the help of visually appealing content and help people to plan their weekends and outings. They presently have over 700000 + followers & reach out to more than 1 crore people on a monthly basis. 
  • How brands can leverage an organic community on social media
Social media is one of the most effective marketing tools. Organic posts tend to have greater effectiveness and engagements in comparison with sponsored posts and/or content. Using communities which focus on organic reach is a strategic branding tool to promote branded content. It can help brands to connect with potential target audiences, engage users, and gather essential feedback from their customers. Furthermore, it provides growth opportunities and is a cost-effective marketing tool. 
About Things2doinMumbai ( Founded in March 2015, Things2doinMumbai is now the biggest crowd-sourced content destination with a community of 7,00,000+ followers and 10 million+ monthly organic impressions on Facebook and Instagram. It is a one-stop destination to discover the best things to do in the city. It creates content around fun activities and events across different categories such as food, restaurants, shopping malls, entertainment, nightlife, sports, adventure, art, cafés, festivals, flea markets, CSR initiatives, and many more. It has now roped in an extensive range of associations including some of the biggest brands like Times Internet Limited, Brand Factory, Star TV Pro Kabaddi League, and Vadilal Ice Creams among others, and popular event collaborations like Chal Rang De – Asalpha Slum, Mood Indigo – the biggest cultural festival in Asia.

Influencer marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content marketing and Video marketing are some of the topics on which they could contribute. 

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