Nothing can stump the power of tasty food this cricket season

If there is one thing that moves sentiments and opinions in our country, it is CRICKET. Cricket is more than just a sport - it is a religion that unites us. The passion for cricket is agnostic of age, gender, profession, religion or region. Needless to say, Cricket is Cricket.
Now imagine that you are watching a game of IPL on TV, with your friends/ family or colleagues and you experience that familiar feeling, something that churns, something that you were suppressing for very long, because you did not want to miss even a second of the game. Yes that, Hunger. Now that’s a tough one! When there is no one to look up to for food, look down at your favourite apps and leave the rest to the might of food delivery giants.
Ordering food in reaches an all-time high and you witness trends coming out ordering patterns basis which teams are playing on a particular day, a specific time of the day being more active or particular dishes doing better than others owing to being the ultimate comfort food.
It would be really great if you could feature Foodpanda in your publication. We can share insights on what people are ordering, what category is finding most traction, the hours when the sales s
oar etc. to make the story meaty!

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