Portable Natural Air Conditioner by Hyzesst Apparels

Hyderabad, 17th May 2018: Taking the vision of Hon’ble Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi ji for “Make in India” products, Hyzesst has developed cooling apparels with complete indigenous technology.  Hyzesst Apparel Private Limited is a company promoted by Promoters that have been in the textile business for over five decades.  Since its inception, the group has diversified to take on various challenges of a multifaceted textile business and today caters to a wide spectrum of customers with its entire value chain of textile business.
Hyzesst products keep the body NATURALLY cooler by 6-12 degrees Celsius lower than the ambient temperature for 3-5 hours, depending on the humidity in the environment.  The products are well researched and tested for safety and performance, ensuring user’s experience is relaxed and performance oriented.
The product is very simple to use as the brand states Dip! Squeeze! Wear!! The uniqueness of the product keeps the wearer dry even after dipping in water while also keeping the wearer warm in winter as the product can be used without dipping in water.  The product has a wide range of health benefits such as maintaining normal body temperature in extreme heat conditions while neutralizing the effects of outside core temperature, it keeps in check heart rate elevation, thermal and cardiovascular strain, decreases dehydration, enhances tolerance levels, and decreases rate of exertion.
The product can be used by people working in challenging environments like Military Personnel, Police, Steel Mills, Power Plants, Petroleum Companies, Construction Labor.  Bikers, drivers of various vehicles, athletes, medical professionals, agriculture farmers, airlines ground staff and transportation workers, can also use the product.
Hyzesst’s wide range of products includes the HZ Vest, HZ Reflective Vest, HZ Superior Vest, HZ Cycling Vest, HZ Caps.
Recently Hyzesst has launched its range of cooling products for pets such as Dogs and Horses.  Both the animal species are prone to heat stress and fatigue.  Dogs maintain their body temperature by panting and stressing their vital organs, hence Hyzesst has developed HZ Coats that prevents dehydrations and heat stress to these animals.
Mr. Rajender Agarwal, Managing Director, Hyzesst Appareels said "Apart from various health benefits the products offer,  it is comfortable and increases productivity. Patents have been filed for the above. Happy to note we have positive feedback from the customers for our products". 
For further information on Hyzesst products and Hyzesst Web store, please visit www.hyzesst.com
About our company
Suryavanshi Group aims to solve real issues, which increases peoples’ comfort and productivity through our innovative products, backed with superior technology.
The Suryavanshi Group is one of the leading conglomerates in India, with over five decades of experience in the textile sector. Catering to a rich and diverse national and global clientele with its vertically aligned textile business, the group has been constantly re-inventing itself to keep pace with the changing global business scenarios. As a result, Suryavanshi Group’s exports today span to over 25 countries around the globe, making it a formidable player in the field of textiles.
Having been in business for a significant period, it was only a matter of time for the company to diversify into another emerging apparel segment – ‘Performance Apparels’. Hyzesst Apparels, is focused on delivering innovative apparels that are more than just a style statement. Our apparels provide a brew of functionality and style, which is a rarity these days.

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