Dr. K Vijaya Assistant Director (Programmes), CBS, AIR Hyderabad retires on 31.05.2019

Dr. K. Vijaya, a Versatile Woman , a Great Leader , Soft natured, having Passion for Radio Programme Production, joined our great Organization viz. All India Radio As PEX (F&H) - UPSC - on 5th January 1989.

Apart form F&H programmes, she got an opportunity to serve in almost all sections such as MIS, FW, IW, Women & Children and Features etc. She worked at Zonal Station - AIR - Hyderabad as PEX and ASD , Regional Station , Local Radio Station, RABM and in CBS during her journey in AIR. She won 4 Awards - AAA, PSB Award, CBBS - UNESCO Award and one merit certificate during her service.

She is retiring on Superannuation on 31st of May 2019, on attaining the age of 60 years , from CBS, AIR, Hyderabad. She is presently holding the charge of Head of Office and Programme Head  for CBS, AIR, Hyderabad.

Prasar Bharati Parivar wishes her a very happy, healthy, peaceful and contended retired life. 

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Contributed by :- Shri. G. Gurumurthy, DDO, CBS, AIR, Hyderabad.

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