Shri C Lalrosanga former DG, Doordarshan elected to the Lok Sabha

Heartiest congratulations to C Lalrosanga, on being elected to the Lok Sabha from Mizoram! He took voluntary retirement as DG, Doordarshan and had a long and distinguished innings as ADG (Programme) .He was the 1st Director of NES ( North East Service), AIR shillong.

Remembering this Shri Rafeeq Masoodi has written to us that he worked with him for quite a lot, infact He was heading NES when Shri C Lalrosanga came after being selected by UPSC to join as 1st Director of NES at Shillong. A beautiful person,human being,God fearing,helpful,nice programmer and extra ordinary excellent Radio Voice. ....

Choicest Best wishes from PB Parivar.

Source : Rafeeq Masoodi,

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