भावपूर्ण श्रद्धांजलि : Remembering (Late) Shri Ramchandra Rao, former ADP DDK Hyderabad on his 2nd death anniversary.

Shri Ramachandra Rao , ADP DDK Hyderabad had expired on 29.05.2017, two years back, due to massive heart attack .He had served our organisation for three decades. He is survived by two sons who are still studying.

Prasar Bharati Parivar volunteer had talked to Smt. Vasuki Ramachandra Rao wife of Lt. Shri Rao and conveyed our rememberance to the whole family. Their elder son Pawan Ramchandra Rao after completing his B.Tech as Mechanical Engineer is trying for a job and younger son Bhuvan Ramchandra Rao is pursuing B.Tech. 2nd year in Mechanical Branch. Presently they are staying at Hyderabad itself in their own house. Smt. Vasuki is in good healthy condition, looking after the children.

Smt. Vasuki had never gone through our Parivar Blog but she was interested in seeing the post of Lt. Shri Rao. So our volunteer gave our PB blog id to her and she told us that she will surely watch the post.

Any Parivar members who wishes to talk or to contact his family members can contact his wife Smt. Vasuki Rao on landline No. 040 24222979 and convey their rememberance to the family members and give them strength.

At PB parivar, we feel that our family bonding shall remain alive even after unfortunate demise of our colleagues and we shall try to stand with the families of our such friends and shall try to provide help and strength to them. We call upon all PB parivar members and volunteers to keep working in this direction and make us a true Family... 

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