Live Running Commentary of Bahuda, the Return Car Festival of Lord Jagannath on 22.07.2018

On 14th July, Lord Jagannath along with Brother Lord Balabhadra and Sister Goddess Subhadra went from Sri Mandir to Gundicha Mandir in the world famous Car Festival. After staying there for 9 auspicious days the deities return to their original abode of worship, the Sri Mandir on 22nd July, 2018 what is popularly known as the Bahuda Jatra. The event was covered in the state hookup as has been done the previous years. The live running commentary on the pulling of the chariots, returning the deities to the Temple from Sri Gundicha Madir started at 10.05 AM and continued till 3.00 PM. Despite inclement weather conditions till the morning of 22nd July, surprisingly enough the entire day turned out to be a pleasant one and the event went off very smoothly. The programme head Sri Tarunkanti Rout, AD(P) along with the deft engineering and programme personnel managed the show nicely.

Contributed by :- Akashvani Cuttack ,

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