AIR Broadcaster's club inaugurated at Press club Jammu with great enthusiasm

AIR Broadcaster's club has been inaugurated today at Press club Jammu with a great enthusiasm in the presence of Sr Broadcaster's of AIR.A body of working administration has temporarily been formed unanimously .Sh.V K Sambyal as president, Suman Pal as vice president, Sh.Ravi Magotra as general secretary, Sh.Romesh Maratha as treasurer, Sh.T R Magotra as publicity secretary, Sh Subhash Sharma, Mrs Ramni Sharma,  Mrs Girija Sharat, Sh Khusbash, Mrs Rita Yusuf, have been nominated as members of the Management committee.The aim of the club is to unite all Broadcaster's of AIR at one platform to discuss and share matters of common interests above regional  and politics and to create a healthy and peaceful environment in our surroundings for the enrichment of better society. About 11 sr. Broadcaster's  were present there with their innovative suggestions. In the opinion of Sh.Sambyal  all Broadcaster's should meet once in a month not only to exchange their views of general interests but also to share and solve their official problems. Sh.T R magotra,Sh. Subhash Sharma, Ramni Sharma,sh. Khusbash Sahi expressed their willingness to actively support the club.The meeting was ended with a positive note.

Contributed by:-Shri. Vijay Sambyal Rangeeley Thakur

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