FAQ on Maternity Leave

Question: When I can start the maternity leave?
Answer: You can start your maternity leaves six weeks before the expected date of your delivery.

Question: Can I work till the day of my delivery so that I can have more time with my baby?
Answer: Yes, You can work up to the day of your delivery and then also you will be entitled for the maternity benefit

Question: Can I ask my office to give me lighter jobs during pregnancy to avoid physical strain?
Answer: You can definitely ask your boss to change your duties if your job involves long standing time, working with obnoxious, hazardous chemicals or any type of work which can be harmful for mother or baby's health and development.

Question: What will happen if I join office before completing my maternity leave?
Answer: If you join the office before the completion of your maternity leave period, your maternity benefits automatically gets cancelled. So if you need to do some office job during maternity leave period, do it as obligatory rather than formally joining the office. Remember, office cannot compel you to join during maternity leave.

Question: Now, the Government has given one more leave to women employees i.e. Child Care Leave. Can it be combined with Maternity Leave?
Answer: Yes, It can be combined with Maternity leave. remember, not to join back in the office. As soon as you join back your maternity benefits gets cancelled.

Question: Can CL be combined with Maternity Leave?
Answer: Not since CL is not considered a leave.

Question: I've adopted a new born baby, am I eligible for maternity leave?
Answer: Yes it is clearly allowed now.

Source and Credit :- http://bit.ly/2W5i2Gi

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