Best Practices of Social Media -- YouTube

  • Separate FPC for YouTube channel 
  • Trailer for the channel, it can be first channel on the page 
  • Promotion at the top of the page banner 
  • Plan YouTube channel layout 
  • Promote sister channels on featured channels list 
  • Thumbnails should be according to mobile views, close up and clear. 
  • YouTube analytics for demographics of viewers, when people stopped watching etc. 
  • Use tags such as DD news live, DD news, news live (Example for DD News) 
  • Do News or shows round-up on YouTube 
  • Interact with people through comments 
  • Do Weekly round-ups and Explainers on YouTube 
  • Tentpole –Special Section for big events, past election stories, results, profiles 
  • Do YouTube-specific Videos on what people are saying 
  • All the channels must be added to the CMS

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