Installation work of 10 Kw FM Transmitter ( DBE Italy) at AIR AHMEDNAGAR.

Digitization  of broadcasting network by replacing existing transmitters with new advanced transmitters is in progress. As a part of this recently installation work of new 10 Kw FM transmitter (DBE make) has started at AIR AHMEDNAGAR (MAH).

Existing transmitter  :- R & S (BEL) 2 * 3 Kw FM, installed in April 1991.
New transmitter :- DB  Electronica, Italy, 10 Kw  FM

Installation of this new transmitter will increase the coverage area prominently up to 100 km (aerial) approx. Field strength measurements will be carried out after installation. listener ship and transmission quality will get improved which will facilitate in revenue generation of  the station.

Installation officer :- Sh, P. M. Khapke (A.E.)
Head of Engg. :- Smt. M.A. Garudkar (A.E.)

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