Our Bright Children--Anuska Kar,D/o Smt.Sucharita Kar,DDK Guwahati

Name of student - Anuska Kar
Name of the Mother and designation- Sucharita Kar
Present Posting- Doordarshan Kendra , Guwahati
Exam Passed-Class X,CBSE
Percentage- 97.4%
Email- tarali.hazarika85@gmail.com

Hearty congratulations from Prasar Bharti Parivar. Any PB Parivar member can mail such achievements and photo of meritorious Children to pbparivar@gmail.com or can submit the details by clicking on the link in "Our Bright Children" on the left hand corner of this page for possible publication on this blog. PB Parivar Blog Post

Forwarded By:-Tarali Hazarika,tarali.hazarika85@gmail.com

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