Inspiration - The Girl Who Had Been Picked Up from A Garbage Pile, succeeded in the examination of the PCS.

When life is changing, no one knows anything. Life goes on in a pile of litter, and it starts flying in the sky. We human being are so unique but in hatred and other things we spoil our own life. But we must respect and give each other a helping hand.

On Monday, Soberan was coming home with a vegetable prog. Walking a little while, he heard a baby's crying cry from the bushes. Sobran stared at his hand and went towards it and saw an innocent child was lying on the heap of garbage and was crying.

Soberane looked around and lifted her in the lap when no one appeared. Soberan saw that she was a beautiful girl. Soberan brought her home. Soberan was 30 years old at that time and was not even married. Soberan was very happy after finding that girl.
He decided to raise her and not marry. This incident is in Assam's district Tinsukhia where Soberan used to run his vegetable shop for a living. At the same time, this girl got to Sobran. Sobran tried hard to bring her daughter and named that girl Jyoti. Soberan taught he should work hard day and night and did not feel the lack of anything. He sends her school and teaches her everything every need of her he fulfils.

Once hungry sleep itself, but its daughter never lets anything fall short. Jyoti graduated from Computer Science in 2013 and after this Jyoti got involved in preparations. After this, in 2014 Jyoti succeeded in the examination of the PCS from the Assam Public Service Commission and was posted on the post of Income Tax Assistant Commissioner. Soberan got wet with tears after seeing his daughter because his daughter fulfilled all his dreams. Today, Jyoti keeps her father together and fulfils his wishes.

Soberan says that I did not pick a girl from a garbage instead I got a diamond from coal mind which lightens my life and make me feel proud.

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