K.V.Ramanujam,Instrumentalist, AIR and S.Dayalan,CBS, AIR, Chennai retired on 31-07-2018

 Shri K.V. Ramanujam,retired on superannuation on 31-07-2018. Born on 15th July 1958, he got his diploma in Vocal Music from Andhra University, Waltair. He also got diploma in Flute from Andhra Pradesh Govt.He worked as an Assistant Lecturer in Flute at Shri Venkateswara College of Music and Dance, Tirupati. He was working as Top Grade Flautist in AIR Chennai at the time of superannuation.He was a flautist with excellent breath control, sensitive tonal quality, excellent control over rythm and overall adherence to perfection that is unique to traditional classical music. He has participated in several music festivals in India and abroad and bagged several awards. He also composed and conducted several Vadhya Vrindha Programme and was honoured several times.

Prasar Bharati Parivar wishes him a healthy and contented life throughout.

Shri S Dayalan, who has been working as DDO/PEX in CBS, AIR, Chennai, retired on superannuation on 31.07.2018. He is a versatile person. Started his career as a Librarian in All India Radio, Chennai was promoted as TREX in 1992 and eventually was officiating as DDO/PEX in CBS, AIR, Chennai. He has also proved his mettle in producing programmes and did LIVE phone-in programmes related to Health on FM Rainbow for a record 10 years. His contribution in implementing GST changeover, Bhavishya, HRIS etc., are noteworthy. All the Staff of AIR, Chennai wish Shri S Dayalan a very peaceful, happy and healthy retired life.

Prasar Bharati Parivar wishes him a healthy and contented life throughout.


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