Shri.R.Murali ,PEX AIR Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu ,conducts regular training for The Indian Bank Self Employment.

The Indian Bank Self Employment Training Institute Dharmapuri , Tamil Nadu conducts regular training and refresher course for youth of various categories. The training include various skill development including communication skill, time management etc., Shri.R.Murali ,PEX AIR FM LRS Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu was invited as resource person on 03/08/2018 for a lecture and an interactive session which was held for an hour on Time Management and Communication Skill Development. About 40 participants actively took part in the session and it is a surprise that most of the trainees are ardent listeners of AIR FM LRS Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu. Shri.Aravindan, Director of the Institute was present in the session.

Contributed by :-Shri.R.Murali ,PEX AIR Dharmapuri,

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