भावपूर्ण श्रद्धांजलि : Remembering (Late) Shri G. Hiran, former PEX AIR Kochi on his 2nd death anniversary.

Shri G. Hiran, Programme Executive, AIR Kochi FM had expired on 19th April, 2017, two years back. Shri Hiran was a dedicated officer who produced several programmes related to various aspects of life and some of his productions were excellent. His best production "Samakalikam" was also posted on Parivar Blog.

At PB parivar, we feel that our family bonding shall remain alive even after unfortunate demise of our colleagues and we shall try to stand with the families of our such friends and shall try to provide help and strength to them. We call upon all PB parivar members and volunteers to keep working in this direction and make us a true Family...

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