Inspiration - There Is A House Called ‘Nanavu’ In Kerala That Can Breathe?

For the kind of life we live today, AC, fridge, electricity or LPG connection have become white goods. Although these goods are very efficient, but using it has become a habit more than a need.
It's like we have become its slaves, which in reality should be the exact opposite. If we are made to quit using these goods, some of us will hesitate, while some will even resist.
But there is a couple in Kerala who doesn't even think about this and are now living the life without all these white goods.
The kerala couple is Hari and Asha, who live in an eco-friendly house- "Nanavu". And the best part is their house can breathe!

Yes you heard it right...the house can breathe!
A former local water authority employee, Hari and Asha who was an environmentalist, both decided to get married and build a house which will connect to nature. In 2010, they made this eco-friendly house in just 4 lacs.
The walls are made up mud, which helps the air to pass through and keep the room cool for a long time.
The kind of lifestyle we lead on average 20 INR every month, but using the Solar Energy mechanism, the couple use only 4 units of electricity every month.

Instead of using a fridge, they use simple baked brick and earthen utensils. Since the earthen pot keeps things under optimum temperature, the things stored never gets spoiled. 
 Instead of a LPG, the couple uses biogas, which we all know is extracted from waste of the house and keeping environment clean and safe.

Apart from the two, 15 frog's species, 80 birds, and 150 butterflies also live here. They also own a small personal forest is also owned by them where they grow the vegetables and spices. So, they can eat vegetables fresh from the garden.

The most beneficial aspect of living like Hari and Asha is that they have not visited any hospital in 16 years.

We all feel greatly about keeping our planet clean and pollution free, but there are very few who actually take measures to do so.

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