AIR, the Heartthrob of Millions, in Need of a Hearing

Decades back, most people shared their moments of solitude with a faithful radio. Grey haired listeners can tell myriad tales of how the most dismal days and darkest nights were made bearable by the presence of a radio. So also, how many a rainbow evening and moonlit night were given an ethereal halo by the radio's sprawling bouquets of love ballads and melodies. Kindling a million images in listeners, the radio gave wings to people's tranquil thoughts, enhancing the happiness quotient of life even in the most mundane corners of existence.
 Unlike television, radio was always an unobtrusive companion that never craved for attention but made the heart sing while drenching the sub-conscious with droplets of poetic wisdom. Apart from never curbing one's freedom of movement, what made the radio a perfect companion of privacy was, that like fragrant air, it filled your constitution with a joie-de-vivre through its elaborate servings of aural delicacies! Its portability ensured it never forsook you in either an arid desert or a gigantic forest, providing an endearing and humane touch everywhere from a rural countryside to an urban metropolis and ocean beaches to sylvan mountains. In short, radio was a dependable partner that calmed the nerves while living within a person's crafted imagination.

 There are millions like me who still prefer the radio to television for the simple reason that it is non-intrusive and does not hinder life's numerous functions. Dissimilar to "big brother" television that kills curiosity and desire with its "factual presentations", radio does not aid stagnation or exhaustion but rather improves the output of creative faculties and logical reasoning with its subtle stirrings of the sub-conscious........


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