Icon of India : Murphy Radio

A wooden box, a short, straight antenna on the top left and a picture of a chubby toddler with her finger placed near her lips with a quizzical smile – this is what Indian radio memories are made of. And the brand was Murphy Radio, one of the earliest radio brands in Indian homes.
The brand entered India around 1948, and was synonymous with the healthy and bonny baby featured in its ads. It is by far one of the most iconic product logos of the 20th century. One of the most popular compliments given to beautiful, healthy children was calling them a "Murphy baby". Calendars and posters with the child's face were frequently hung in gynecologist clinics, maternity homes, and barber shops.
In the 1960s-70s, Indians who had radio sets in their homes often boasted about it. A Murphy Radio set usually occupied pride of place in their homes, especially in their drawing rooms. It would be kept at a higher plane away from children's reach. Many Indians would actually stitch an embroidered cloth cover for it. Families would play the popular radio programmes on high volume, attracting radio-less neighbours to stand outside and listen.
For collectors and connoisseurs, the vintage radio is still available on e-commerce sites like Amazon for Rs 35,000, which is six times the cost of the latest radios like Philips and Saregama Carvaan.

Source and Credit :- Shri. Mitul Kansal

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