The unsung Heros around us...

Meet Sh Radhey Nath Masarat, the octogenarian unsung hero of All India Radio, who has devoted almost six decades of his active life to public broadcasting in India in different capacities including commentary writer, poet, news reader and monitoring officer. He continues to do so even at this age in his own modest way. Having knowledge of Urdu, Hindi, Kashmiri, Persian and Sanskrit, Masarat Sahib associated himself as a poet with Radio Kashmir, Srinagar in 1962. In 1971, he made it to the coveted National Symposium of Poets, organised by All India Radio, every year around Republic Day. He did it again in 1993. 
Masarat Sahib's greatest and praiseworthy contribution was when he took to news translation and reading at the most crucial time when All India Radio had to shift its newsroom from Srinagar to New Delhi in 1990 when insurgency had terribly unnerved the press in general and official media in particular. 
A polyglot with a command of many languages, Masarat Sahib's services were many a time required to monitor Pakistani channels, spreading anti-India canards.
This octogenarian has a collection of so many unpublished works, both in Kashmiri and Urdu, but is unfortunately unable to bring them in the form of a book !!.
..............There must be so many Masarat Sahib's around us, who continue to remain unsung !

Source :-  Facebook page of Mr.Rajesh Bhat
Credit :- Shri. P.K.Tripathi, Lucknow.

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