AIR, Mysuru hosts workshop on “Measurement in Radio Broadcasting Course”

All India Radio (AIR), Mysuru, hosted a workshop on "Measurement in Radio Broadcasting Course" for Engineers from 23 different Stations of All India Radio in the country.

The workshop, conducted by the National Academy of Broadcasting and Multimedia, Delhi, from June 3 to 7, was inaugurated by Sunil Bhatia, Director-Engineering.
Speaking on the occasion, he gave a brief note on Akashvani Mysuru — being the first AIR Station started by Dr. M.V. Gopalaswamy before taken over by the Government and the name of Akashvani, suggested during the period of Dr. Gopalaswamy.

Kashmir Singh, Dy. Director (Engineering), who was the Course Coordinator, spoke on the Measurement course in Radio Broadcasting, its importance, different equipment used and also the latest technology being adopted by AIR. Abdul Rasheed, Programme Head, AIR, Mysuru spoke about the contribution made by Mysuru Akashvani.

The inaugural session started with invocation by M. Shakunthala, Transmission Executive. Ravi S. Honnalli, AE, welcomed. N. Ramanjanappa, Assistant Director (Engineering), proposed a vote of thanks.

Source : Jhavendra Kumar Dhruw

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