Retirement of Shri R.Ramesh Babu UDC at AIR, Visakhapatnam on 30-06-19

Born on 10-6-1959 at Bhagalkot, Karnataka and joined as LDC in CSCS, Ministry of Defence, New Delhi on 29.03.1984. Under Inter-Ministerial transfer he joined as LDC at All India Radio, Visakhapatnam on 19.01.1987. Got promotion as UDC at AIR, Visakhapatnam on 11.09.2014 and till date he has been discharging his duties very sincerely with much devotion. He left behind 200 days of HPL unavailed. He is a talented Caroms Player and he represented AIR, Visakhapatnam in various competitions and won Medals/Cups. A very sincere worker is retiring from service after successfully completing 35 years of service.

Prasar Bharathi Parivar and All the staff members of All India Radio, Visakhapatnam wish Shri R.Ramesh Babu a peaceful, healthy and joyful future life.

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Contributed by:- Shri. D.R.Prasad, DDG(E) , AIR Siripuram,

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