Iconic photo of Sarojini Naidu during a radio broadcast 1930 by Keystone..


Sarojini Naidu, politican, writer suffragette India Portrait during a radio broadcast 1930 by Keystone..

She was so good in her poetry that she started getting called the nightingale of India by a lot of people and writers.

She was the first lady governor of the country as she got elected as the governor of Union provinces which is currently called UP. Her roots were so strong in politics that her daughter also joined the Quit India movement for the freedom fighters and later on went on to become the governor of West Bengal state of India.

She died at the age of 70 but did a lot of social work, poetry works and political works for the betterment of India. If her writings, she always wrote about children, nation and life-death subjects which were loved by a lot of people.

These were a few important points about the life of Nightingale of India. She was a great politician, a great writer and overall a great asset for India and that is why a lot of writers, politicians or social workers, still get inspired from her after studying about all the works that she did in her political as well as social life.

Contributed by:- Shri. Mitul Kansal kansalmitul@gmail.com.

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