Another low-powered European?

Denmark, Finland, Germany and Norway broadcast their own low-powered radio stations, and there may be another country in the queue.

A new broadcaster from the Netherlands, has registered with the HFCC, an international organization for the coordination of shortwave radio frequencies. The station as Radio Onda, will broadcast on 6030 kHz with 1,000 kW, in Portuguese, from Margraten, Netherlands.

At this time, the station is inactive, and no further details have been provided. Programming has been announced as featuring Brazilian culture through the old continent. Radio Onda is managed by ASBL Onda, a non-profit association based in Brussels, Belgium.
(Bits & Bytes/Global Radio Guide-Summer 2019)

The WRTH May, 2019 schedule updates, list the station broadcasting on a 24-hour schedule in French however, whether in French or Portuguese, has not been confirmed, and no effective date has been posted at WRTH or the station's website at:
(Teak Publishing 05 Jun 2019)

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