Felicitation of Class Xth and XIIth students organized by Recreation club of AIR Guwahati

Our Bright Children:
Felicitation of Class Xth and XIIth students was organized in the Recreation club of AIR colony on 31st May 2019. Sh.R.C. BORO Director(E) and Sh.Dilip Das DDP extended Congratulations to all successful students in the Radio Colony Guwahati.  On this occasion all successfully  passed students expressed their views for their  further course of studies. All following students are from CBSE board ..
1.Master Tapan Talukdar s/o Panda Nath Talukdar...XII th std.CBSE.
2.Master Zabir Samantha s/o Md Safiquze Z Saikia (SEA AIR Dubri).
3.Master R.Kalyan Aditya,s/o Sh.R.Srinivas.. Xth CBSE.
4.Master Abhinash Das s/o Sh.Dibo Ram Das ..Class Xth CBSE.
5.Master Swarup Das s/o sh.Shankar kr Das...Class Xth CBSE.
6.Master Bikash jyoti Daimari s/o Babul it.Daimari...Class XII th CBSE.
7.Hridika Khatnian d/o Utpal Khatnian..Class XIIth CBSE.
8.Miss Puja Hazarika D/o sh Manoj Hazarika class Xth CBSE.

All students scored Good score and we extend Hearty Congratulations and wish them to do good in future.

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