Syrian observations on medium wave

All times UTC
information edited for clarity

Syrian changes have been observed on medium wave broadcast in Syria

576 SRTV Voice of Youth (Adra, Rif Dimashq Governorate 300 kW) Arabic. started on 6 April 2019. This frequency had been previously been used by SRTV General Program.

666 SRTV Voice of Youth (Adra, Rif Dimashq Governorate 100 kW) Arabic

783 SRTV General Program (Tartus 300 kW) Arabic, except for Syrian Foreign
Radio programs at:
0330-0500 Hebrew
0500-0530 Russian,
0530-0600 French
0600-0500{?} Arabic
There is simulcast on TuneIn "Syrian Foreign Radio"

936 Ninar FM (Homs, 200 kW) Ninar FM is a privately-owned commercial radio station. It began on medium wave on 3 April 2019.
(SRTV General Program previously used this frequency)

1071 kHz Alnour Radio (Tartus, 100 kW) Based in Beirut, beamed to Lebanon.
(BDXC Middle East Guide 8 Apr via Tony Rogers, thanks to updates from Rawad Hamwi.
(via BrDXC_UK "Communication" monthly Magazine May 9)
(WWDXC-Top News 1385-31 May 2019)

General Organization of Radio & TV Syria

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