Web rangers: Meet the superheroes of 2019

For the last five years, Google India has been organising Web Rangers contest to raise awareness on Online Safety, and the importance of navigating the web in a safe and secure way by raising awareness amongst youth.

This year we announced the Web Rangers contest for students aged between 10-17 to share with us their efforts to educate their friends and family on Online Safety. Web Rangers Contest this year had two categories -- Campaigns and Projects that got hundreds of submissions from across India. The students submitted entries that ranged from educational videos, websites and even in person workshops organised in both their schools and neighbourhoods.

A big shout out and heartiest congratulations to all the web superheroes who won this year.

The winning submissions are below:

Web Ranger #1, Rajwinder Singh, Thane, Maharashtra
Rajwinder Sing built a site to demonstrate the importance of education and awareness on Online Safety and also has a quiz to help you test your knowledge.

Web Ranger #2, Harshath ramana, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Harshath ramana created an animated video sharing tip on staying safe online and how to avoid phishing, especially the ones telling you that you have won a grand prize and try to steal your information.

Web Rangers #3, Suryansh Pathak, Jaipur, Rajasthan
Suryansh Pathak created a video, showing the different kind of phishing emails and ransomware and how to recognize if you are being phished or when you lose access to your account. The video explains details of fake link, checking for spelling and also shows how you can avoid ransomware.

Web Ranger team of #4 #5 and #6, Rishal Pandey Chettri, Sewandeep Sharma, and Aditya Chettri, Gangtok, Sikkim
The team of Rishal Pandey Chettri, Sewandeep Sharma and Aditya Chettri created Cyber Warriors reaching over 30,000 people. They organised workshops in their schools, along with the slogan writing contest and a quiz. Their efforts were highlighted in the local newspaper and they also ran a social media campaign sharing tips on staying safe on the internet.

By Sunita Mohanty, Director, Trust & Safety, Google India

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