ZEEL’s Telugu channels adorn a new look!

Zee Cinemalu_ 02
~ Network unveils new logos for Zee Telugu and Zee Cinemalu ~
Hyderabad, 30th October 2017: As Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited (ZEEL) celebrates its 25-year milestone, the media and entertainment conglomerate has unveiled new logos for its Telugu channels, Zee Telugu and Zee Cinemalu. While Zee Telugu, a leading General Entertainment Channel in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, unveiled its new logo on 15th October; Zee’s first movie channel in the South, Zee Cinemalu also revealed its new logo on the same day.
Zee Telugu’s new logo represents the transition that the channel will undergo in upcoming months with the introduction of never seen before content formats and a blend of fiction and non-fiction shows for Telugu audiences around the world. Zee Cinemalu’s new logo highlights the varied content and movie options that the channel will be airing to establish itself as a leading entertainment destination.
As the first channel from the Zee bouquet to foray into Southern India, Zee Telugu is known for its path-breaking content in both, fiction and non-fiction. Zee Telugu sets itself apart with its positive narratives which inspire viewers. Furthermore, with characters such as Bhoomi from Mutyala Muggu and Samantha from America Ammayi who are aspirational and progressive, yet rooted in traditions and culture, reiterate Zee Telugu’s philosophy of being contemporary while remaining culturally entrenched. Koncham Touchlo Unte Chepta, a celebrity talk show-cum-game show is one such example that has been a first in the Telugu GEC industry.
Zee Cinemalu, the first movie channel from the Zee Network in the south, was launched to complement the Zee Telugu. Launched in September 2016, the movie channel primarily caters to Telugu movie buffs. 

A part of the Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited family, Zee Telugu and Zee Cinemalu resonate the network’s commitment to its viewers across the world. With twenty-five years of expertise in entertaining its viewers across all ages, ZEEL along with Zee Telugu and Zee Cinemalu, brings to its viewers the perfect blend of entertainment, drama and emotions.

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