North Macedonia, new country listing on medium wave

Recent WRTH frequency updates, have revealed a new medium wave listing, for North Macedonia.

North Macedonia, is a country in the Balkan Peninsula in Southeast Europe. It is one of the successor states of the former Yugoslavia, from which it declared independence in September 1991 under the name Republic of Macedonia. The country became a member of the United Nations in April 1993, but as a result of a dispute with Greece over the name "Macedonia", it was admitted under the provisional description the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia[e] (abbreviated as FYR Macedonia and FYROM), a term that was also used by some other international organisations, FIFA for instance. In June 2018, Macedonia and Greece resolved the conflict with an agreement that the country should rename itself Republic of North Macedonia. This renaming came into effect in February 2019.

A landlocked country, North Macedonia has borders with Kosovo to the northwest, Serbia to the northeast, Bulgaria to the east, Greece to the south, and Albania to the west.It constitutes approximately the northern third of the larger geographical region of Macedonia, which also comprises the neighbouring parts of northern Greece and southwestern Bulgaria. The capital and largest city, Skopje, is home to roughly a quarter of the nation's 2.06 million inhabitants. The majority of the residents are ethnic Macedonians, a South Slavic people. Albanians form a significant minority at around 25%, followed by Turks, Romani, Serbs, Bosniaks, Aromanians, and Bulgarians.

Radio Makedonija - Summer A19 Schedule

Transmitter via Skopje, Sveti Nikole
All times UTC / broadcast targeted to Europe

1900-1930  mtwhf   810 mw

1800-1830  mtwhf  810 mw

1830-1900  mtwhf  810 mw

1730-2000 Sat  810 mw

1730-1800  mtwhf  810 mw

1930-2000  mtwhf  810 mw
(Teak Publishing/Global Radio Guide 06 Jun 2019)

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