Akashvani Auditions - Online Application System - Apply Now (Registration Closes on :14-11-2017)

Prasar Bharati Chairman A Surya Prakash launched an online application system for music auditions across all genres for the All India Radio (AIR). The initiative was launched on the occasion of 64th Akashvani Sangeet Sammelan held here, an AIR release said. "It is believed that with the introduction of this facility, the aspirants who want to apply and get themselves graded will have a better experience in terms of accessibility and availability," it said.

AIR conducts auditions in different genres of music, including classical, light, folk, tribal and western, and award suitable grades to them. Among those present on the occasion included Prasar Bharati CEO Sashi Sekhar Vampati and AIR Director General F Sheheryar.

Since early days, AIR has encouraged and provided a platform to the Music and Drama Artists of the country. AIR has played a pivotal role in the cultural integration of the nation by preserving, nurturing and promoting various forms of Music and Drama. Nearly all the eminent artists, whose names shine in the cultural history of our country, have been associated with AIR. 

All India Radio has a well established and widely acclaimed Music Audition System in place for more than half a century for selecting artists, grading them by professional standards and offer broadcast engagements. It has stood the test of time and artists all over the country have inflinching faith in it. There are four grades viz. B, B-High, A and Top awarded to artistes based on performance quality adjudged by a Committee of Eminent Musicians/Experts in the field. There has been a constant endeavour to improve and simplify the existing system. ... 

The url or website address for registering and applying for music auditions is http://ift.tt/2kAvqAE;

(Registration Closes on :14-11-2017) 

Source and full details : Indian Express http://ift.tt/2hXfWWj  & other sources

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