Flying cars, jumping from one wall to another, battling on top of jeeps, the only person whose name pops up in our heads when we read this is Rohit Shetty. The man who is an inspiration to many shared the name of his idol while shooting for his reality show, India’s Next Superstars.
Action in the Hindi cinema is perceived differently but different directors. Some like bloodshed, some like speed while some take their level of imagination a notch above all.  Such is the power of Rohit Shetty who is known for creating history in the field of action and he owes his success to his guru. To this he said, “Whatever I know about action is all because of my guru, Veeru Devgan. He made me fall in love with this genre since I was a kid. I remember assisting him and asking multiple questions but he patiently answered them all.”
Wow, don’t we all wish for someone so encouraging in our lives too?
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