Despite the long-standing connection between Bollywood and Basketball, the NBA dance team never ceases to amuse us with their thumkas. This year’s NBA’s heritage night featuring India has taken the internet by a storm and it is just the beginning.
A few days after the release of the Deepika Padukone starrer, ‘Padmaavat’, the latest Bollywood sensation, ‘Ghoomar’ has now latched on to the hips of the NBA dance team who showcased a mesmerising performance at NBA halftime during the game between Charlotte Hornets and Miami Heat.
Viewers at the stadium also shook a leg to the performance which went viral with over a million views and 3,500 shares on the NBA’s official Facebook handle.

The dance was also retweeted by the Padmaawat official twitter handle.

Even the Padmaavat cast couldn’t contain their excitement and shared the dance video on their Facebook pages.
Comments from NBA and Padmaavat fans flocked social media – some read,
“Proud to see Ghoomar being performed at universal stage”

“Ghoomar in an NBA match! this is special!”
“Unstoppable and a global blockbuster”

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