Shri. Arun Solanki, AD(P) AIR Pune retires on 31st Oct.2018.

Empathy for others is the most striking peculiarity of his personality. He would invariably listen the grave situations and bring smiles on everyone's faces with his powerful sense of humor. Not an erudite but life taught him a lot which made him a complete person. He has a water like quality that meanders with the bends and readily mixes with anything. He would make flawless of fallibles and and bring out the winners out of defeated. A true sole worth veneration we salute the human in this person.

Let me introduce this great soul, Shri. Arun Solanki, Asst. Director (Prog.) AIR Pune. Having thirty five fruitful years of vast experience, Shri. Arun Solanki join this august institution on 16th August 1983 as Transmission Executive in AIR BH Mumbai. During his 35 years of service span he served AIR Pune, AIR Satara, AIR Ahmadnagar and AIR Sangali. In 1994 he became Programme Executive and in June 2016 he got promotion as Asst. Director. Being PEX in AIR Ahmadnagar he produced a drama based on the selective abortion of female fetuses ' Kali Kali Khudtana' . NGO 'Population First' affiliated with United Nation Organisation selected as best drama and conferred first prize. Shri. Solanki received this prize from famous veteran announcer Shri. Ameen Sayani. In AIR Pune he produced many popular Marathi series like Madhyantar, Salam Vardi, Fad Rangala Tamashacha, Rang Lavniche, Bap Lekee, Hi Gazal Mushafiri etc.

On 31st October he is retiring from his service on superannuation. A farewell ceremony was arranged in auditorium. Many retired officers and staff members attended the function. AIR Pune will prominently remember him as very humble, emotionally sensitive, talkative and meticulous officer. 

All staff of AIR Pune wish him happy retired life.

Prasar Bharati Parivar wishes him a very happy, healthy, peaceful and contended retired life.

Contributed by :- Shri. Kishor Khadkikar, PEX, AIR Pune.

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