Shri Sole Bala Vijaya David Raju, ,Security Guard, AIR Vijaywada retires on 31.10.2018

Shri Sole Bala Vijaya David Raju, ,Security Guard is retiring on 31.10.2018 after completion of 33 years 10 months. He joined AIR, Vijayawada on 15.12.1984 as Security Guard. He was Ex-serviceman, He was joined Military service in the year 1974 and completed 8 years in the military service. He got 3 children. He is self disciplined and hard working employee of the Organisation. All the Staff of AIR, Vijayawada wish Shri S.B.V.David Raju a very peaceful and healthy retirement life.

Prasar Bharati Parivar wishes him a very happy, healthy, peaceful and contended retired life. 

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