Hindi day celebration at AIR Bangalore

All Inidia Radio Bengaluru conducted Hindi Diwas on 14.09.2018.  In connection with Hindi Diwas, All India Radio conducted various competitions ie., Hindi Noting and drafting competition, extempore speech(Pick & chooose), Antakshari, Hindi memory power test, Hindi handwriting competitions for MTS from 4th to 11th September 2018 at conference room.  All the Staff members of AIR, CBS, CCW and Marketing Division(CRD) are took actively participated in all the competition.  
Hindi Diwas and Hindi fortnight closing ceremony was conducted on 14th September, 2018 at conference room.  Hindi written in Devanagari script became the Official langauage of India under the Article 343.  Though all Indian languages, Gujarati, Kannada, Telugu, Marathi, orinated from Sanskrit, Hindi is the most convenient for most of the population said  Dilip Kumar Sinha, AD(OL) in his welcome speech.  
Function was inaugurated by A. Hanumanthu, DDG(E)/HOO and said Hindi is considered an easy to learn language given it is phonetic which means you pronounce what you read.  There is a direct correspondence between symbols and sounds in Hindi. He continued   It's possible to write any every potential sound in the world in Hindi language which is not the case in the most popular languages like English.
Hindi language should be spread through day-to-day conversations. The day is a celebration of the Hindi language and its cultural heritage and values among the people of the country said Dr. Mythili P. Rao, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Bangalore in her Chief Guest Address.  
As per the census, 44% of Indian speak Hindi as their mother tongue said Capain Ritesh Jha in his Chief Guest address. 
M. P. Damodaran, Dy. Director(OL) Coffee Board conducted all the competition and said the purpose to celebrate this is to promote and propagate the Hindi language.  The day is celebrated in the Office, Schools, colleges organizations as a Hindi Diwas with unique programme and competitions organised related to Hindi language.  All the participants are good   but prizes will be given to first to third and consolation only. Prizes and sweets were distributed during the function.
N. Raghu AD(P)  presided over the function. B. N. Ashwini, AO gave vote of thanks. Roselin Mathew compered the programme.  The function was ends with National anthem sung by Vishwanath Nakod and all the Staff members.  

Contribution: K. Ashok, PEX, CRD, AIR & DD, Bengaluru Mob: 9449259218

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