Inspiration - Shila Dawre, India?s First Female Auto-Driver .

"At that point of time, women in almost every household were expected to be provided basic education and then married off at a certain age. But I had dreams that I wanted to achieve and so was not ready to get married and settle down. I was good at driving and I wanted to make it my profession. My parents initially objected to my decision, but now they have accepted me for who I am," says Shila Dawre, who is first lady auto-driver.

Shila Dawre closed every one of these stereotypes down when she turned into India's first lady auto driver. Rubbing shoulders with khaki-clad men driving rickshaws, clad in her customary Salwaar Kameez and drove around the paths of Pune, owning them.

It was in the 1980's when 18-year-old Shila Dawre, first chose on doing something that her associates would not dream of and that is driving. So in 1988, she cleared out her home in Parbhani region and came to Pune to end up plainly India's first lady auto-rickshaw driver.

In the underlying months, very few individuals were ready to lease their auto-rickshaws to her since they didn't know about how securely a lady would have the capacity to drive the vehicle."I was related with a couple of ladies self improvement gatherings and through them I figured out how to get the chance to drive the auto-rickshaws when the normal drivers were on clear out. In the end I spared cash and figured out how to purchase an auto-rickshaw and leased a room in a ghetto for myself," Dawre reviews.

She's been encouraging women to take such out of box professions. She is so inspiring and confident women, who want to earn as enough as males with auto-driving.

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