New schedule of Radio Nikkei on shortwave

Radio Nikkei 
Effective: After 01 October, 2018

All times UTC

Radio Nikkei will reduce the frequencies after October 2018. The station announced on their homepage at:  that they will reduce the frequencies after October 1, , 2018, for the stability and effectiveness of the management. They say the diffusion of internet listening by PCs or portable phones on  is another reason.

The schedule after October 1 is as follows:

Program # 1
2200-1500 6055  (Nagara transmitter site JOZ2 50 kW)
2200-2300 0800-1500 3925 (Nemuro transmitter site JOZ4 10 kW)

Program # 2 on weekdays         
2300-1000 6115 (Nagara JOZ6 50 kW)
1000-1400 3945 (Nagara JOZ5 10 kW) 

Program # 2 on Saturdays and Sundays
2300-0900 6115 (Nagara JOZ6 50 kW) 

9595 kHz (Nagara JOZ3 50kW) will be out of service but will be preserved for emergency use.

9760 kHz (Nagara JOZ7 50 kW) and 3925 kHz (Nagara JOZ 50 kW) will be discontinued.

Transmitters in Nagara site are all NEC HFB-7847, installed in 1980-82 except JOZ5 (NEC HFB-7840D) in 1991.

Transmitter in Nemuro site (JOZ4 3925 kHz) is NEC HFB-7840C installed in 1996.

Takahito Akabayashi
Tokyo, Japan.
(via wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 6, correction July 25)
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