Visit of Shri.Deepak Joshi Dy. Director General (Tech & IR), Prasar Bharati to VBS AIR Borivali,Mumbai.

Shri.Deepak Joshi Dy. Director General (Tech & IR), Prasar Bharati who recently visited Mumbai to attend Infocomm 2018 as a specially invited Privileged Delegate, paid a visit to VBS AIR Mumbai on 19th September 2018 and interacted with VBS Mumbai staff to know about NETIA Radio automation software. He has shown his curiosity in implementation of Netia software in VBS AIR broadcast set-up. He appreciated efforts taken by Engineering and program staff for 100% implementation of Netia. One demo was arranged for mixing and editing using snippet+ multi track tools of Netia. DDG was very happy to know about it's working and feedback from actual users. During his visit he has interacted with Senior Announcers, Casual Announcers and Program production staff and very happy that, actual users are quite comfortable with this Netia software including editing features in this. DDG also had meetings with Programme and Engineering staff  and motivated them to boost the revenue and also had an interactive session with newly recruited Engineering staff to boost up their moral.


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