Can Radio and Podcasting Come Together?

Radio Show session explores getting the best from both worlds
Tom Vernon, Sept 27, 2018

Podcasting is here to stay, and radio isn't going away anytime soon. How can the two work together?

To address that question, the Radio Show session, The Podcast Boom, explored that topic with a panel comprised of podcasting talent and management. Heading it up was Norm Pattiz, chairman and CEO of Podcast One. Kaitlyn Bristowe, podcast host from PodcastOne; Elaina D. Smith, national radio and podcast host, Westwood One; Mario Lopez, host, TV and radio personality, Premiere Networks; and Jewel, multi-platinum recording artist, actress, author, entrepreneur represented the talent side.

Darren Davis, president, iHeartMedia Networks Group, iHeartMedia Inc. and Suzanne Grimes EVP, marketing, Cumulus and president, Westwood One, spoke up for management.

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