Failed in Mathematics in 9th Grade. 60% in Class 10th. And failed in Physics in Class 11th. Yes, this is the story of Sunny Kabarawala, an aspiring space entrepreneur and Founder of STAR which aims to build a Rocket for India.

Sunny was passionate about space exploration since his early childhood, and wanted to become an aerospace engineer. But he could not pursue aerospace engineering due to less score in 12th grade, and financial problems. He decided to build a platform for students who wanted to get involved in the research of space technology. Sunny built a young research community in India, The STAR RESEARCH LABORATORY.

This began as a rocket club in Surat in 2015. Taking an initiative to start a research-based startup in the city with no background in the field of space technology was a tough decision. Post that, Sunny conducted seminars on space technology in schools, colleges, and other organizations to spread awareness about the importance of space exploration. It took him 2 years, 25 seminars, 20 trips, 600 days and sleepless nights to launch his startup and create a nationwide network.

STAR inaugurated the first space research laboratory of Surat named as STAR RESEARCH LABORATORY (SRL). SRL is open for researchers throughout the year. His team of fifteen includes students from 8th grade to those doing formal engineering. He has two high school kids writing codes for small satellites.

He now provides Internships and Memberships to students at very low affordable cost. and plans to generate revenue by providing launch vehicles to launch small satellites.

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