Who?s Got the Biggest, Meanest AM Flamethrower?

More broadcasters than you might realize are helping keep the ionosphere warm (and the power companies happy)

By James O'Neal, Sept 5, 2018
In the May 9 issue of Radio World, I reported on a recent power upgrade at TWR's Bonaire AM facility that brought that station close to the half-megawatt level (440 kW), allowing the station to make the claim that it is the most powerful medium-wave (MW) operation in the Western Hemisphere.

After the dust settled, I thought it might be interesting to poke around a bit in the data available to see if they have a close (or even not-so-close) contender for second place for this title.

Additional story at: Radio World: https://www.radioworld.com/news-and-business/whos-got-the-biggest-meanest-am-flamethrower

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