Inspiration - The First Indian Man to Travel the World in 18 Months.

Bharadwaj Dayala covered the world in 18 months and that too on his motorbike.

As exciting as it sounds, surely the solo journey of Bharadwaj Dayala was not at all easy.
Born on 8th June 1969, Bharadwaj Dayala was born and brought up in the city of Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. He is the youngest son of Rama Rao Dayala and Kusuma Dayala. His childhood was spent in Vishakhapatnam, and he started school in Railway Government High School. After that, he embarked on his journey of being a filmmaker and screenwriter.

Apart from filmmaking and writing, Bharadwaj Dayala is a true adventurer by soul and heart. Travelling runs through his blood. He is a well-known biker, sailor, club pilot and trekker. After completing his thrilling all-India bike tour in 2004 and South-Asia tour in 2005, he finally set his feet for a global journey.

April 2, 2006 was the day Mr. Dayala started his world tour on a motorcycle from Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. At first, he flew from Mumbai to Tehran, Iran along with his bike. From Tehran, he embarked on his famous world tour. Riding on international roads on his motorcycle, Mr. Dayal first went to Turkey. From Turkey, he covered the whole belt of Middle-East, i.e., Syria, Jordan, and Egypt. After that, he entered into the continent of Europe and started with Greece. After Greece, he rode off to Italy, France and United Kingdom. From the UK, he flew to Canada. He took the international roads and completed The US. At the end of his journey, he chose Australia and Indonesia. Finally, he ended his famous world tour by Bangladesh. Thus, he rode across five continents, 14 countries and 47,000 kilometers just in 18 months and that too without any sponsors. Finally, he reached home on 2nd October 2007.

He completed his inspiring world tour almost ten years ago, but still, his name is uttered being one of the famous adventurers of India. Also, he is the first Indian to travel the world in 18 months. For such incredible journey and exceptional global achievement, Mr. Dayala was honoured by Prince of Dubai on 4th December 2013. Also, in the year of 2014, Bharadwaj Dayala initiated a biker movement throughout the 29 states of India, urging the youth to take part in the General Election. It is said that such activity on the part of Mr. Dayala inspired the youths and many participated in voting for the first time.  

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