Web Rangers is back!

The fourth edition of our Web Rangers contest is here, and we are inviting students from across the country to join us in spreading awareness about internet safety and digital citizenship, among their peers and beyond.

But who is a Web Ranger? If you are a student between the ages of 10 and 17 who knows what it takes to be safe online and also helps your friends and family to do the same, then you are already a Web Ranger.

There are two different formats to pick from - choose the category that interests you and put your creativity and skills to test. The best entries in each format stand to win awesome prizes.

Campaign:  We all learn from each other on staying safe, so if you want to reach more students, friends and family and everyone in your neighbourhood then Campaign is for you. You can work in a group of not more than 3 to educate and raise awareness on how we can come together for a safer Internet.

Project: You can work individually to create an app or Web based solutions (Websites, Progressive Web apps, etc) or a creative video if that is what you prefer. Ensure your project helps in raising awareness to help find the right information from the most trusted source. So get creative and test your skills.
Every year, the Web Rangers contestants have sent across incredible entries, and we are certain that this year is going to be even better. For inspiration and ideas, check out the winning entries from last year and the year before that. To learn more about the rules and format, or to submit your entries, visit this page. The deadline for submitting your entry is 23:59pm on January 21, 2019.
By Vandana Bharvani, Director, Trust & Safety: Research & Outreach

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