Uma Dixit ,PEX AIR Mumbai, received 'LIKHO'award for her best Radio Broadcast.

Mrs Uma Sameer Dixit who is working as a Programme Executive at BH Mumbai ,received 'LIKHO'award from Humsafar Trust,an NGO working for LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay,Bisexual,Transgender).This award is given to Mrs Dixit who took interview  of transgender Gauri Sawant. In last two years Mrs Dixit tried to create awareness  about LGBT community with so many programmes like panel discussions, interviews and  live phone in programmes.The purpose was to help them to win their battle to be accepted in the society as normal human being. Speaking with PB Parivar  blog team member she said"As a  public broadcaster it is my duty to create awareness and as a sensitive human being i always felt close to the pathos in their life".
The interview with Gauri was titled as "Mother has no gender".

PB Parivar Congratulate Mrs Uma  and expect more social awareness programmes  from her. 

Contributedby :Ujwala Bhave

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