Vaidehi,D/O Yogesh Hoshing ,E A of AIR Nasik, was conferred PhD by Purdue University ,US.

Vaidehi, daughter of Yogesh Hoshing,EA AIR Nasik, was conferred PhD degree from the School of Mechanical Engineering by President of Purdue University Mitchell E Daniels. Jr.
Her Research topic was *Hybrid Electric Vehicles* She completed her Research under the guidance of Professor Gregory Shaver in Herick Labs.
She is an E & Tc graduate of Cummins College of Engineering Pune passed out in 2014.
She received Scholarship from Cummins US during the entire four years of her research..
The convocation ceremony was held at Edward C. Elliot Hall of Music West Lafayette, Indiana on December 16th, 2018.

 PB Parivar Congratulate Vaidehi  and her parents and wishes  Vaidehi  for better future.

Forwarded By :Yogesh Hoshing, E A AIR Nasik 

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